Ernesto Lecuona

A new record dedicated to Ernesto Lecuona's music for solo piano, to be released by Fuga Libera (Outhere) in june 2024.

An album exclusively dedicated to the music of Ernesto Lecuona, Cuban musician and composer (1895-1963). An actual staple of Cuban music, where his works are taught in school, Lecuona remains more or less a stranger across the pond, despite the extensive touring this virtuoso pianist undertook in Europe and the United States, where he met and was enthusiastically supported by the likes of George Gershwin and Maurice Ravel. His short piano pieces are brilliant and tender fugitive impressions, animated by irresistible Cuban hip swaying; music written for the zarzuelas and the cinema, or to allow Lecuona himself to shine at his recitals, they offer a virtuoso translation of his Cuban memories and journeys across the world. 

Single to listen here: