Duo Lacerda-Solot




L’album " CHANGE" (…) est un salutaire ovni musical (…) Pierre Solot et Elsa de Lacerda ont réussi leur pari ambitieux (…) une réponse intelligente, un superbe pied de nez à ceux qui, lors du confinement, jugèrent la culture « non essentielle » Les compositeurs livrent de la création contemporaine une image vraiment séduisante (…)
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ L'ECHO — Stephane Renard
Grounded during Covid lockdown, violinist Elsa de Lacerda and pianist Pierre Solot were dismayed that ‘certain professions’ were deemed ‘more ‘essential’ than others. And among those others: musicians. Pushing back, their engaging duo album Change highlights music’s historical role at times of ‘revolution and resistance’ as a rallying cry ‘for change, for peace and for fraternity’. Ten Belgian and French composers offer personal takes on melodies synonymous with 20th-century sociopolitical ferment from around the world – and it’s intriguing that moods of reflection, celebration and hope subsequently prevail over outright anger or protest.
BBC Music Magazine — Steph Power